Natural selection in our daily life

The purpose of this post is to inform about the evolution of species and the natural selection which can be seen in our daily life.

Evolution is the genetic change in populations of organisms across generations. The gene change, leads to modifications in the appearance, the behavior and the functioning of organisms through time. It can also be directed by natural selection.

Can you find an example in our daily life environment of organism evolution?

We can see everywhere that organism evolution is a wide spread phenomenon and there are many examples of it in our life. The animals that we may see in our neighborhood are a result of evolution. A cat which is masterless  is a result of organism evolution and natural selection. In order to survive, this animal has changed many of it’s characteristics (claws, body shape, color) and that makes it different from his ancestors which were different because of the different environment they lived.

In my opinion, biodiversity is the beauty of nature. The balance of nature is the difference between all of the species. The lack of difference would be the start of our end. In order to keep our survival we need to protect every species.  The different genes in our world are the key to impugn many severe diseases and other problems that we face throughout years.

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